Friday, August 3, 2012

happy world breastfeeding week!

hope everyone has a great week breastfeeding their lo's! i know it can be difficult at times but remember the joys and benefits of it! my dd is 18m ans still going! she eats about every 2 hours still. over the last 18m i have had to deal with a lot of ppl who dont agree or like breastfeeding but i have stayed strong which at times has been hard! if you ever need encouragment or support i am here i know how it is to not have much. :) today and sat is the big latch on (you can find more info at check it out to find a location near you! sadly there is no locations near me but i will be particpating in the virtual latch sponsered by the lovely eco chic check it out here happy big latch on and world breastfeeding week to all my mommy friends! .

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  1. Sorry about the type posted from my phone while holding lo! :)