Thursday, July 19, 2012

Molars suck

Baby girl is getting 2 molars maybe more! Lots of sleepless nights. Still trying to get back into routine after vaca and having no ac and having to b at my moms.
It has been one thing after another lately. Hopefully soon things will go back to normal.
On a positive note she is finally walking at 17.5 months! Yeah! But she is busy and all over the place I can't seem to keep up some days!
We are starting to think about potty training as she keeps holding it and then ends up leaking through her cloth diapers. Not sure she is ready but thought we would get potty and see what she thinks if not I will neon the hunt for new liners for diapers!

Coming soon review of Baltic amber (sorry this has taken so long I haven't had much of a free moment and posting reviews from here us not easy)

Have a great week!

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