I love breastfeeding, and feel that God provided us with milk to feed our babies and that is what should be done. It is a lot of hard work sometimes, but worth every minute knowing you are providing something so good for your child. Watching what you eat or drink sometimes may be difficult though after awhile it just becomes the norm and it is no big deal anymore. Especially when they look up at you with their beautiful eyes like thank you mommy it gives such a special bond between mother and child.
If you have any questions I am not an expert but have been going strong now for 9 months! Despite being treated badly by others bc of what I do. I am proud to be breastfeeding and feel it is nothing to be ashamed of or looked down upon for doing.

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have about products or ways to help you be successful at breastfeeding! :)

Mastitis/Clogged duct
Things to do or try if this happens to you
  • Warm bowl of water right before feed
  • Warm compress
  • In shower try using wide toothed comb and try working clog towards nipple
  • Rest
  • Feed as much as you can especially from that side. don't forget about the other side though
  • Plenty of fluids drink a lot of water
  • Take Tylenol (it will help with the pain)
Good luck! I hope no one ever has to deal with this, but I know we all must go through it so if it happens to you don't hesitate to ask for help and if it is really bad fever etc call your doc!

**Udder cover**
  • Material is pretty
  • Works good when baby is small (newborn stage)
  • Does not wash well is very wrinkly
  • Stay does not stay out very well so you can see LO
  • Makes baby hot
  • And once baby is a few months old and moves arms and legs more it is difficult to stay covered!

  • I love my boppy!
  • It was used a lot when baby was a newborn but now only a couple times a day.
  • I have the soft one with flower on it baby loves to play with it!
  • Also works well when they are learning to sit to put behind them or for tummy time
  • Definitely a good purchase.