Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1st Birthday planning!

Trying to plan DD first birthday party! AHHHH I can't belive it has already been a year! SO much to do so little time. Though the lady at the party place apperently thought I was buying stuff way in advance when I told her no dd birthday was in a couple weeks she was very suprised I guess my daughter must be tiny for her age! :) That is ok though great things come in small packages.
So I have been on a search for egg free milk free cake mix I think I may have found some I am going to bake a test cake today and see how it tastes I will post and let everyone know. Now I am trying to figure out an icing mixture. My theme is cupcakes so I have bought all the decorating tools lets hope it turns out good. Especially since I am baking it for my dh bday tomorrow. At least I will know in advance if it is gross! :) Lets all hope it is very yummy though because I am running out of time to find another option!
Well back to the planning and the house cleaning. Hopefully my living room is finished this weekend so I can have everything in order and ready!
Need to work on invitations today! I may go crazy with so much to do!

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