Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tommorow is the big party!

I baked the cakes last night I am making the jumbo 3d cupcakes big and small ones! Well I used the Cherrybrook kitchen cake mix which is very yummy but it just would not back in the giant cupcake pan. i thought it was done took it out dumped it on to a plate and it collapsed because it was still liquid inside, needless to say I cried! :) I sent my mom to the store at 10:30 last night to get regular cake mix for the giant cake the little ones came out ok and those were the ones for her anyways so they were what really mattered being diary, egg and nut free.
Cake number 2 took almost an hour but it is perfect! This morning while baby is napping I will be trying to make icing and decorate it! Wish me luck! :)
Today I need to put finishing touches on house and then start the fun part of decorating! YEAH! so excited! Cant believe my baby is having her first birthday party tomorrow and that she will be 1 on Monday! WOW this year has gone to quick!

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