Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kelly's closet Day 5 & 6 Clues

Day 5:Clue #1 - To find the hidden snowflake #5 you’ll need to find the mini little item can help you handle the poo so you don’t have to.
Clue #2 - Never hopped online so I never placed the 2nd clue! I’m going to leave this one up so you can find it today! :) ”Spray poo down the toilet instead of tossing it in the trash.”

Day 6 (Today):
Clue #1 -Don’t get into a funk if your diapers stink, just find this snowflake at an item that will rock!
Clue #2 – Will be posted at 9pm ET on Facebook.

Remember SHHHHHH!!! Don't tell where you found the snowflake! Good Luck!

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